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2024 Bootcamps
(Access to Bootcamps will be released soon!)


1. What are SDGs and Why They're Important?

Relevance: Learn how to connect your story to issues of global significance

Research and Investigation: Learn how to conduct thorough research and interviews to uncover compelling stories within the local community


2. Storytelling and Pitch Skills

Purpose-Driven Storytelling: Understand the importance of starting with a clear purpose and personal motivation for creating impactful stories

Storyboarding and Planning: Develop skills in storyboarding and planning, ensuring a clear narrative structure and effective preparation for filming


3. What is a Documentary Video and How to Film a Documentary?

This session will demystify the concept of documentary filmmaking. Students will learn about the different types of documentaries, the unique characteristics that define this genre, and the steps involved in creating a compelling documentary. 


4. Filming Techniques

​​Technical skills are crucial for creating high-quality documentaries. This session provides hands-on training in essential filming techniques. Students will learn how to effectively use cameras, microphones, and lighting to capture clear and compelling footage.


5. Sharing Your Story with the World

Once your film has been made and submitted to Pitch for the Future - be ready to share your story with new audiences.. for instance within their school, with friends/family, and the large world ahead!!

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