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Become an Ambassador to promote competitions like Pitch for the future!

What is the program?

As a crimson student ambassador, you would be helping to promote elite student events and competitions to your community!

​Here are a few of the events you would be helping with:

Green initiative challenge
Environmental awareness competition
Enviornmental science competitions
Highschool environmental competitions

What can you get?

USD $50 / 1 hour of Crimson mentoring

with leadreship/college admission experts for every 20 sign-ups you will get!

Ambassador certificate to stand out on your college and scholarship application!

Ambassadors also gain access to:

  • Exclusive educational recources by Crimson Education

  • Top student opportunities compiled by Crimson

  • Global community with highly-accomplished students

  • Personal development workshops​

  • Internship opportunities (for outstanding ambassadors)

  • Personalized letter of recommendation

       (for ambassadors who help with >3 events)

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