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Sustainable development challenge

Pitch for the Future is more than just a competition, it’s a global call to action

Welcome to
Pitch for the Future

Here the voices of the next generation converge to shape a sustainable world.

As stewards of tomorrow, we believe in empowering visionaries, innovators, and dreamers like you to lead the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

In line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we challenge high school and young college students globally to become changemakers by identifying critical issues in their communities and developing groundbreaking solutions to create a positive impact.

High school sustainability challenge

How does it work?

Participants form a team of 2-3 members to create a video addressing a social issue they find in their community and explain their solution to this issue.

Any topic is possible as long as it falls under one of the UN's categories below!

Finalists will participate in a LIVE pitch session and Q&A.

The top 3 teams will be deemed Global Winners and win amazing prizes!

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Recycling initiatives
Carbon footprint reduction
Green future competition
High-school Environmental competition
Academic competition
Solutions to environmental solutions
Sustainability challenge
Challenges for sustainable development
sustainable development problems
Environmental science competition
Environmental sustainability
High-school Environmental competition
High school sustainability challenge
Sustainable development challenge
High-school Environmental competition
Challenges for sustainable development
Challenges for sustainable development
High school sustainability challenge

Our mission

Through Pitch for the Future, we aim to cultivate a generation of change-makers who not only recognize the urgency of sustainability but are committed to driving meaningful impact.

Join us as we embark on this journey towards a world where sustainability isn’t just a goal but a way of life. Together, let’s dare to dream, innovate, and pitch for a future where every voice, every idea, and every action contributes to a more equitable and sustainable planet.


Sustainable development challenge

Crimson Education

Crimson Education is the world's leading US, UK, EU and Postgrad admissions counselors. In 2013, it was founded by three students, including CEO Jamie Beaton who had just been accepted to 25 of the world's best universities. Our mission is to help students all over the world reach their ultimate university admissions goals.

High-school Environmental competition

Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is an internationally accredited, world-class online private school delivering live, real-time learning to students all over the world, enabling them to earn university recognised qualifications through accelerated courses.

TF - Stacked Slate (Filled).png

Tilting Futures

Tilting Futures is a nonprofit organization that teaches the tools of personal transformation and global orientation to those seeking change in themselves and the world around them through immersive learning programs equipping young people worldwide to create a meaningful impact on global issues.

Sustainable development challenge


MAD COURSES (Make a Difference) offers courses that train students to become competent filmmakers, providing them with training and professional mentorship to go out and tell local stories of change which are important to them.

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